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FASTING – What have you got to lose?

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North and South Korea have been in a state of war for 65 years. On 12 June 2018, there is a real chance that peace could finally come. We are awed that Singapore has been chosen to be the venue for this historical event and to just let that be another ordinary day seems inappropriate.

I have been partially fasting alongside my Muslim friends during the month of Ramadhan although I am a Christian. I have done so out of respect for my colleagues and also for personal fitness and improvement. Together, we would like to dedicate a day’s fast on 12 Jun 2018 to the success of the summit. We believe that fasting is healthy and a good this invitation is open to anyone from any race, language or religion.


1) We sincerely wish that the summit between USA, North and South Korea on 12 June 2018 will be successful.

2) We express our support by refraining from consuming any solid food from Sunrise (6am) until Sunset (6pm) on 11 Jun 2018.

3) We believe that regardless of race, language or religion, people everywhere can individually pursue a hope for a better tomorrow by being the best that we can be each day.

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By Philip Wu , Parvin Banu, Faiz Yusri, Rosanne Mak, Mustafa Rafinddin, Mohammad Qhairul,  Noor Kamilah, Helmi Akbar, Gilbert Chan

The SINGAPORE PEACE FAST (11 Jun 18) is initiated by 90 Day Challenge Global and Grid_Synergy. We aspire to create an online community of people who aim to be the best version of ourselves every 90 days. This fast is part of a cycle to Relearn-Rebuild-Reboot ourselves commencing every 90 days. The current 90 day Evolution is from 1 Jun 18 to 31 Sep 2018.



FASTING – It’s a dirty word. Yet, every religion in the world advocates it. Society thinks it is bad because food and medical companies can’t sell you anything if you FAST. Most people think it is bad because we fear the discomfort. The 90 Day Challenge is about getting behind the b.s. and to explore and experience various systems. And my rock star hero on this subject is Dr Jason Fung, a Nephrologist from Canada. He had taken the time to demystify fasting – and is a growing living nightmare to the global food and pharmaceutical industry.

I used 5 forces to go without any kind of food from Tuesday lunch (13 March) to Friday Dinner (16 March). Here’s how it happened.

90 Days at a time
Willpower, Social Power, Knowledge Power, Environment Power, System Power

Before Tuesday :  Knowledge Power build-up: I’ve been researching on fasting and figured out some rather important information.

  1. DIETING DOES NOT WORK : Calorie Reduction as Primary (“CRaP”) strategy does not allow the body to burn fat. Why? When we eat less, our body will fight back and burn less. The TV series “Biggest Loser”  showed overweight people eating less (2/3 of their daily intake) and burning more (2hour gym a day).  At the end of the season, all 16 lost weight. During the season, their bodies fought back against the weight lost.  This is because their Basal Metabolic Rate (energy that your body use for breathing, thinking and just functioning) decreased as their weight went down.  Dr. Ancel Key’s famous Minnesota Starvation Study in 1950 estimates that metabolism decreases by 30% when calorie intake drops by 30%. So post show, a contestant who used to burn maybe 2000 calories a day ends the show with his body burning  only 1200-1500 calories a day. Thus, after the show just eating normally will see them bloating up again. The implication of this is astounding. A study in UK showed that 99.5% of “Reducing food” diets fail.  And still, most “professionals” will suggest that eat less, exercise more works. So from here on, it is my opinion that the “eat less strategy” or “Calorie Restriction as Primary” (CRAP) strategy does not work.   Source
  2. CHANGING OUR BODY (ENGINE) FROM BURNING  DIESEL (CARBO/GLUCOSE) TO PETROL (FAT) DOES.  If you body is a car, it carries diesel (carbo) in the fuel tank  (liver and muscle), and Petrol on the roof (fat). The 2 engine burns one or the other predominantly. So if my body is in Diesel (Carbo) burn mode, my fat (petrol) is not touched.  When I ate carbohydrates (diesel) like bread, or rice, I will also FEEL hungry. This is because insulin is released to help glucose absorption by the cells. And as glucose levels spikes and drop, hunger is experienced.  The presence of insulin hinders the burning of fat (so you can’t burn fat (petrol) when your body is in the glucose (petrol) burning mode. So I started to replace carbo (or glucose) with fat and protein. I experienced a lot less hunger. If I do NOT want to experience hunger, I need to change my fuel source from carbo to fat-protein. Hmm.  I began to visualised in my head. My fuel tank has 2000 calories  and 400 calories of glucose of glycogen-glucose in my muscles and liver respectively. When I stop eating, my sense of hunger will kick in until 2400 calories of stored sugar is burnt up (maybe 24  hours). Once that is done, my body begins to digest fat and protein as fuel.
  3. THE ONLY WAY TO SWITCH TO YOUR PETROL TANK IS BY CONSUMING EITHER EXTERNAL OR INTERNAL FAT. Many people are beginning to realise that when they switch to ketogenic diet (eating only external fat and protein), they experience weight loss. Once the body switches to burning Petrol, it will burn internal body fat once it runs out of glycogen – glucose.
  4. FASTING IS HEALTHY AND IT ENSURES INTERNAL FAT (PETROL) IS USED. We start losing body fat about 24 hours into a fast.

Here was how the rest of the week went.

0 HOURS – TUESDAY LUNCH (START OF FAST) –  I had a lovely heavy lunch with my wife Karen and daughter that day.   I haven’t yet decided to go on a fast or for how long.

TUESDAY DINNER  – Environmental Power. I was on a plane and used that as a convenient excuse to skip dinner as I landed at 12 midnight.

WED BREAKFAST  – Environmental Power. Did a video measuring my blood glucose level and blood pressure to start the fast. Hunger pang for 2 mins at lunch time but got over it by logging in to the diary.

24 HOURS – WED DINNER  – Environmental Power. Worked late in the office. Forgot about hunger. But had a bottle of milk. FASTING DOES NOT REQUIRE WILLPOWER. IT REQUIRES US TO KNOW HOW THE MIND AND BODY WORKS My mind simply does not want to experience the sensation of hunger. This is a biological hard-code. It is hardwired to look for pleasure (eating) and avoid pain (sense of hunger). So if I could  “reduce the sensation of hunger’, I could make my mind decide not to eat! So how did I do that? The same way I stopped my kids from crying when they were toddlers. When Carrissa was a baby. and she was crying, I would make funny faces to distract her. When hunger pang strikes, I realised that if I took out my mobile phone and described the pang by writing about it, my mind gets distracted. If I extended it further – and counted the seconds it took for the pang to go away, it worked. Best thing is, I promised myself, if I experienced 3 pangs, I would eat. Surprisingly, I never did experience 3 hunger pangs in a row. That apparently is not how the hunger hormone works! So that became my primary tool for handling hunger.

THUR BREAKFAST  -Knowledge Power. 9.12am Hunger pang.  No big deal.

48 HOURS – THUR LUNCH – Knowledge Power. Sorely tempted to eat and had a non-sugar avocado drink. Psychological rather than real hunger.

THUR DINNER  Social Power. Met up with friends for dinner and drinks. My friends ate – the loveliest laksa. Was mouthwatering. I did something smart. I just told them I was fasting. I used social power and it worked. I did drink some whisky and wine though. Not a good idea. headache. But I sure drank water. About 8 cups and went to washroom 5 times!

FRI BREAKFAST – Willpower. Massive hunger pang at 9.12am. Bought Yakun for a friend and so wanted to eat it because he didn’t want to have it. Sheer willpower in this case. : )


72 HOURS – FRI LUNCH Willpower / Social Power. Had lunch with my sister. She had 6 satays.. so I explained to her I was fasting and all was good. Had quite a hunger pang before lunch though. Wasn’t easy deciding to keep going.


Conclusion : Am going to try OMAD next week! Watch this space.

Interview with Kevin, Evolution 2 90 Day Challenge Global (Perth) Challenger!

Evolution 2 kick-off in Perth Video 

Question 1) what was your weight at the start of Evolution 2 (1 May 2017) and how were you generally feeling.

My weight was 148kg and I was tired slow sluggish & couldn’t tie my shoe laces. 

Q2 What were some of the key learnings you took away from the discussions we had on the 90 Day Challenge? 

The key learning were that i needed to change the way i think. If i gained knowledge at a subconscious level about what i was taking in, i would be able to make responsible choices

perth group
Perth team at start of Evolution 2 with Coach Riccardo Monteleone

Q3  Using just this knowledge power, what adjustments did you make to your lifestyle? 

Well i started out getting rid of sugar from my diet sugar itself was a huge problem in my life. Then i slowly reduced dairy & carbs. I increased my protein level & i really started to lose weight. 

Q4 Tell us more about your injury and how that affected  you

Well i didn’t get the flu needle last year as I suffer from Asthma so I ended up with 4 flu’s last year 2 during Evolution 2. When I get the flu & it goes to my lungs I have to take lung steroids to recover. This in itself stacked the weight back on. But to add insult to injury whilst working out at the gym I tore my calf muscle so now I had trouble walking & ended up on the couch. Then after I was mobile again I pushed it to far & tore it again even worse than the first time. My doctor said if I tore it one more time I would require surgery. So then I had to couch potato it even more. This sent me on a real downer & old sugar habits kicked in. As my injury improved so did my mood plus I really now didn’t like the effects sugar was having on me as now for the first time in my life there had been a period of no sugar & I felt great so I now knew the rise & falls.

Q5 How do u feel now at the end of Evolution 2?

By the end of E2 i had been on a rollercoaster ride of new knowledge & self discovery. I knew that i now had an arsenal of new knowledge that empowered me to believe i could actually accomplish my goals. So I reset my goals tapered my exercise program a bit, fine tuned my eating & was totally ready to smash it in Evolution 3 in fact I was begging Phillip to sign me up again. So 3 weeks in I’ve gone from 151kgs to 146kgs & I’m on a high. 

* note* at the start of E2 i went nuts on training & being 49yrs old this year i thought i coukd train like i was 18 again. I believe this led to my injuries. The fault was my own & nothing to do with 90DC. If anything the 90DC has taught me to work within my limits & rather train like the Tortise instead of the Hare. I can’t thank Riccardo enough for getting me involved in the 90DC & Philip for coming up with & facilitating such a great idea. 

How do i feel EMPOWERED thats how I feel. 

Complete guide to fasting

Dr Jason Fung’s book had totally shaped my understanding of health and fitness.

My body adjusted and become more proficient after I lost 25kg. Where in the past, I could lose weight if I ate 1800 calories a day because my basal metabolic rate is 2100, now, I am burning maybe 1900 calories a day – maybe because I am lighter?

In any event, fasting, is the way to go.. And it is something I intend to try out. : )



I had been fat for 30 years.   “Healthy Eating” was anathema, a curse in my pursuit of gluttony.  Since 10 Oct 2015, I’ve increased my Knowledge Power through the 90 Day Challenge (watch video). This had led me to finally understand that EATING HEALTHY is not just eating vegetables and grass, and it helps me to save money on daily expenses too!

Here are 5 reasons why it’s cheaper to eat healthy.




Since PM Lee kicked off the war on diabetes, heaps of articles have emerged that eating healthy is expensive.  Many will cite the example of  cost of wholemeal bread.

Truth is that a loaf of white bread in SG ranges from $1 to $2. And a wholemeal option starts from $2.50. Articles usually end up reinforcing the notion that healthy foods are more expensive. But does Healthy Eating only refer to eating these expensive stuff?


When I was a kid in the 70s, potato chips was an “illegal item” to be surreptitiously eaten whilst hidden from the prying eyes of my mum, “Don’t eat that rubbish! I will cane you if don’t finish your dinner!”


I never realised what great advice that was!  A bag of chips is equivalent to 40 slices of bread. Snacking had become part of our destructive lifestyle. A mid-morning snack of Tim Tams ($2) after breakfast, a granola bar ($1.50) and a cup of milo ($1.20)  to keep hunger at bay after lunch, a slice of cheesecake  ($3) for after dinner dessert and how about a bowl of instant noodles ($0.50) before bed? Total cost : $8 and about 1200 Calories. First thing about Healthy Eating is to save money by kicking the snacking habit!


When was the last time you ate out of hunger and not habit?

Calories and budget aside, the real damage to our bodies is that snacking damages our ability to feel “full”. Our bodies regulate the sense of hunger and fullness (or satiety) through a hormone called leptin. Frequent food intake causes leptin to be frequently secreted and our brain centres of satiety gets “numb” to it. In other words, we will find it hard to feel full when our brain becomes Leptin insensitive.

The food industry had created in us an unhealthy phobia of hunger. It had pretty much conditioned most of us to develop a paranoid aversion to hunger. Is that a good thing?

Going one step further than my mom, I now allow my 10 year old to sometimes skip a meal in order to experience hunger. Why not? There is absolutely no negative health implication to skip a meal from time to time as long as it doesn’t a negative lifestyle habit that leads to daily irregular meals. Removing the hair trigger stimulus to snack saves not just our money, but our lives!


Eat when hungry. That’s a good place to start. If not hungry, go ahead and skip that meal.


Granola bars, Caesar Salad, Salmon Sashimi.. some of the “healthy foods” choices that will break our wallet. So only the rich can be lean? Truth is that obesity is NOT a condition caused by poverty. Rather it is caused by IGNORANCE. Here’s a suggestion for daily alternatives in Singapore!

Breakfast $2.50 :  2 eggs and coffee without sugar. The average Singaporeans breakfast of Nasi Lemak or Bee Hoon will totally mess up your calorie intake for the If you plan to lose weight, stick to a cup of black coffee and 2 eggs or even 3 for breakfast! And no, eggs does not increase your cholesterol. That’s a myth that had been pushed by the sugar industry for the last 50 years, and its just been debunked.

Lunch $3 to $4 : Amazing thing about a breakfast like that is that after a couple of days, you will lose your craving for a heavy lunch. So what’s some healthy options for a healthy, but low cost lunch? Yong Tau Foo  without noodles, Fish Soup without rice, Economy rice on a bed of extra cabbage  ($4.50). But my personal favourite – AVOCADO JUICE without sugar.img_9937.png

Dinner 2kg of chicken for $12!– Learn to use the oven! No time? Really? Lazy more like.


But like all good things, a bit of  effort will go a long way.  Learning to cook helps our minds release serotonin in your brain, and not just dopamine. It leads to happiness, not just pleasure.



Alternatively,  If really have to eat out, there is always 1/4 grilled chicken at Nando’s at $6 –  only about 300 Calories.

Go for it!



Fresh Orange juice.  Healthier option to Coke? $2.50 a glass vs $1.10.


Like ignorant natives demanding 50 glass beads instead of 10 in exchange for our farms, we fail to realise that a serving of freshly squeezed orange juice contains heaps of sugar as well! Both are equally adept to messing up our insulin levels.

What’s the super cheap alternative?

WATER!!! Save your health, save the environment and save your friends!

Coke just invested $79m in a distribution facility in Asia. It needs to recover its cost and it will push its agenda to promote artificially sweetened drinks, vending machines etc But what’s really good for you? Yes, Water.



We don’t scratch ourselves all the time. We scratch only when there is an itch. Yet, as a grossly overweight person, I craved food all the time, and the more I ate, the more I craved.

Here’s the hack. We scratch only when we itch. But we eat for a lot more reasons beyond hunger. We eat because it’s fun. We eat because its social. We eat because THE ANTICIPATION OF EATING is as gratifying as EATING ITSELF! This sense of anticipation is what makes us feel life is worth living!

Why not find a way to END the process of eating, rather than to SUPPRESS the anticipation of eating. We stop eating for the same reason as why we stop scratching. The need is fulfilled! The 7-letter word that will stop us eating and not feel deprived.


Are there strategies with which we can arrive at SATIETY without stuffing ourselves?

  • Eat Slowly. The French eschew fast food. You can even choose to chew 32 bites per mouthful to really savour your food.
  •  It takes 20 mins for the food we put in out mouth to hit our blood stream to give us a the sense of satiety. Just eat slowly and you will be surprised that small portions will make you feel as full as a massive meal.
  • Here are other strategies to eat in order to feel full without stuffing ourselve.s


Do Something Everyday That Scares You..

“How do I share the 90 Day Challenge with people who needs it?”

Maybe I should learn to blog.

So how do I learn to blog? Learn from a blogger?

So I got myself enrolled with Grace Tan’s “How to blog course”..

And what was Grace’s first lesson?

“Well, write about what you are passionate about, and write whether people read or do not read your posts.”

Got it!

Makes sense. I am passionate about using the 5 forces to change my lifestyle. I am willing to hang out with people who wants to do the same. So I think I can… and I will!

Grace then dropped the bombshell.

“Here’s a dare… the latest trend today  “Nostril Lashes. How about trying it out? And lets see how you can apply your new found blogging skills to get the message across.”


Argh… there is no face saving way out with this girl!

So, in the spirit of 90 Day Challenge Global, I will do this even though it scares the S*** out of me!

Click here to watch how Nostril Lashes are applied!!



5 Forces To Change Your Lifestyle for Good.

5 Forces Edition 1.001

I’m starting this blog for people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Willpower cannot help us to lose weight or stay fit.

Willpower is over rated.

Willpower flies against the face of my own personal experience. It is a resource that is depleted with use.

Willpower becomes a muscle that grows stronger with used when it is given proper founding of knowledge and experience.

Permanent lifestyle change is a reality only when our ideas and sub-conscious thoughts are changed out.

So blog world, here we come. is born. : )

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